Harvard Machinery Services
Harvard Machinery Services
Harvard Machinery Services


Includes milling,turning,boring,grinding,cutting,shearing,and forming,and of course, welding. Work is performed on all types of materials like aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, copper,brass, and refractory materials. Welding capabilities range from conventional to MIG, TIG, ARC and even vacuum welding. All of these capabilities are backed by a top grade team of professionals with the ability to take your ideas from a drawing to reality. Protyping, short or long run, whatever you need, call HARVARD PRODUCTS, 325 Ayer Rd., Harvard, MA 01451 at (800) 528-4066 or fax (978) 772-6400



Harvard Products is ideal for manufactures whose needs are specific to thier industry. Custom machine applications will be readily accomplished. Harvard Products has full engineering & machining capabilities to build complete machines. From conceptualization through completion we modify existing machinery to suit specific applications.


At one end of the shop a lathe operator is turning stainless steel spacer plates for a surface grinder. To his right another machinist on a knee mill is cutting aluminum flanges for another customer. Behind both of these guys is another machinist with a straight edge and a dial indicator "truing-up" a recently welded stainless steel manifold to be used for a water desalinization project.


We offer such a wide range of services to a broad customer base. Our customers come from all kinds of industries like wastewater treatment,geophysical testing,food processing, process, chemical and of course,general manufacturing/industrial.