Turning Capabilities

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Milltronics SL10 Slant Bed

Milltronics ML20

Clausing Colchester 1740W/2 Axis DRO

Hardinge HLV with 2 Axis DRO

Hardinge HLV

Clausing Metosa 1440 with 2 Axis DRO

Rockwell 5C Turret Lathe

Hardinge ASM auto Screw

Milltronics SL10

Milltronics SL10

CNC Turning Center

10" Hydraulic Chuck

8 Tool Turret

4,000 RPM Spindle

Hydraulic Tail Stock

2½" Diameter Capacity

Milltronics ML20

Milltronics ML20

Flatbed CNC Lathe

20" Diameter x 40" Centers

2,200 SPM Spindle

3.2 Spindle Hole

Clausing Colechester

Clausing Colchester

17x40 Engine Lathe

3½ Spindle Hole

1,600 RPM DI-8 Spindle

0.0001 Accurate DRO

Chucks, Collets